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About Us

We are a rapidly growing healthcare company with a comprehensive line of products – addressing lifestyle disorders like diabetes and heart diseases. We operate in well – established and emerging markets.

DIABÉTIX, a specialty division, is the jewel in the crown of M/s Franco Indian Pharmaceuticals Private Limited; has a sales and marketing infrastructure that offers a wide range of  cost-effective portfolio of products.

Diabetix offers an environment of professional growth and all round career development making it one of the finest in the industry. Every employee takes pride in being part of the team, thereby bringing success to the company.

Parent Company

DIABÉTIX has emerged from a strong parent company ‐ M/s. Franco‐Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., which was founded in India in 1949 by Mr. M. Postel. It has inherited a strong heritage and from the day of inception, it has shown significant growth.

Corporate Overview

DIABÉTIX was started in 2006, when an entrepreneurial decision was made to capitalize on a number of prevailing medical needs by providing a basketful of drugs to treat Diabetes and heart diseases. DIABÉTIX is growing stronger day by day under the prudent guidance of our Chairman Mr. M. Postel, and Managing Director Mr. P. Postel, along with a dedicated and highly energized team of 373 field professionals and an equal number of production, distribution and R&D Staff.