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Our Mission

As one of India's progressing pharmaceutical companies, DIABÉTIX has emerged as a division that has its own clear‐cut objectives. We strive to develop and market products that helps to prevent/delay the progression of lifestyle disorders including Type two Diabetes and heart diseases, and to improve the quality of life.

At DIABÉTIX, we consider ourselves vital to the process of cure in millions of people, whose faith in us is our driving force.

Our Vision


The rising incidence of life style disorders like diabetes and heart disease is prevalent worldwide. Diabetix promotes newer treatment procedure and techniques that are required to meet unprecedented challenges on the way to achieve solutions.    

We are changing with time to further strengthen the bond of trust with the medical fraternity and patients, as our end user. Backed by a dedicated team of field personnel, working with a focus approach, and an effective production department to meet the stocks and R&D that consistently strive to ensure a zero error standard, we build a long lasting relationship with our targeted customer.

 "Driving the difference" –the difference in our work culture, integrity over values and respect remains the growth driver of our corporate culture.